Monday, November 23, 2015

A New Fan, Not A Bandwagon Fan

So, I have a confession to make:
I like football now.

I feel a little sheepish and almost dirty admitting that, but it's true.

I blame my sister.  My sister loveslovesloves the Carolina Panthers on an almost alarming level (she's been an unapologetic mega-fan for years) and she happened to have an extra ticket to the preseason game against the Patriots and nobody to go with.  Would I like to join her?

I did the unthinkable, and said yes.  I donned my one and only Panthers shirt, and went with her, not expecting very much at all, other than a night away from the kids and Netflix, and overpriced beer.  I got that, of course... and something unexpected.

I freaking loved it.  I loved the energy, I loved the larger-than-life aspect of the game that is missed watching on TV.  The Panthers lost that game, but it didn't matter - I was giddy with the joy that comes from finding something new to enjoy.

My siblings are getting a big old kick out of watching games with me, because I'm still such a noob to the sport, and I get OUTRAGED so easily, about things they don't think twice about.  "That guy just tried to pry the football out of his hands!  HOW DARE HE?!"  "OMG, dudes, you don't have to haystack him - he's not going anywhere!"  You get the picture.

As fun as it is, though, I worry that this new 'hobby' might possibly be bad for my health.  Ever hear the nickname 'Cardiac Cats'?  Yeah, that's for good reason.  The Panthers basically make you lose your mind by playing a really close game, and then walking the tightrope during the fourth quarter.  It's freaking maddening.  My husband actually said to me "Mayyybeeee this isn't the thing for you..." when I spent half of the Panthers/Titans game alternately screaming at the TV and leaving the room because I was losing my shit.

It's stressful.  LOL!

Anyway.  I know next to nothing, except that when the refs make calls against the Panthers, they are wrong, and the Patriots are our nemesis.  I'm learning slowly, but I think those two things are the most important.  :D

Of course, I have grown to like the Panthers just in time to move out of state.  Nothing like timing, eh?  I will have to be one of those obnoxious people not supporting the local team, because there is no other option... I refuse to be a Cowboys fan.