Friday, September 18, 2015

Bah, September!

I always have problems adjusting to fall.

I'm a summer girl... I love the heat, the sunshine, the concrete under my bare feet, the sand between my toes, the water, the grass, and the smell of chlorine.  Those months are when I flourish, and feel wonderful.

Come September, nature reminds me (every year, without fail) that my joy is short-lived... mostly by way of my annual sinus infection.  Yay, me!  (I know you are dying to hear about my sinuses, so, you're welcome.)  As if my nasal torment wasn't enough, the days get shorter, get cooler, and get darker.

Have I mentioned before that I deal with depression?  Yes?
Well, let me tell you, the deficit in sunshine doesn't much help with that.  Dude, it's downright depressing how even the sun seems to give up in September.

Let me just say this:  September, you can suck it!

Go away.

October is better.  There's my anniversary, and Halloween.  October is for good memories, pretty leaves, costumes, and by then I'm used to the weather (and my sinuses are behaving).

I'm thinking of the good things, like the great winter sweaters I bought, fires in the fire pit, pumpkins and pumpkin patch visits, hay rides, costumes, pumpkin pie, hot coffee on a cold day, my pretty brown boots, a fire in the fireplace...

That's all great, and coming soon.  If September would just stop being the redheaded stepchild of fall.  LOL!

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