Sunday, August 23, 2015

Back To School

It's Sunday night, and tomorrow is the first day of school.  Take a minute and let that sink in.  Tomorrow is a MONDAY.

School never starts on a Monday.  It starts on a Wednesday, or a Thursday, just to throw us a bone.  A nice, tasty bone that says "Hey, I know y'all still have sand between your toes from the beach, so we'll just make this first week back nice and painless.  Two days, y'all, you can do it!"

Ha.  HA!

They hate us this year.  School starts on a friggin' Monday.  As if Monday didn't already get a bad enough rap, now it's the First Day of School as well.  Poor, poor Monday.

They (who is 'they' anyway?) got all hardcore on us this year.  'They' were like "Pfft. Screw 'em.  Monday is the shiz.  Every good, solid work week starts on Monday, why should these little slackers get a pass!?  Monday it is!"

Take it from this whiner Mom... Monday start is a crappy idea.

We need to ease into this, y'all.  We're Southern, and we do things slowly and deliberately.  (Unless you're talking BBQ and beer, in which case, all bets are off.)  A Monday start for school is just not right.  We need to ease into this... you need to mollycoddle us, just a tad.

What was wrong with a nice Thursday start?  We could pretend it was still summer... a madcap Monday?  Sure, why not!  It's still summer!  A late-night Tuesday movie night?  Sure, what the heck!  But this year?  This year is like any other boring weekend.

Sunday = Gotta go to bed early, it's a school night.

WTF, dudes?  No.  You seriously could have thrown us a bone, here.  This Mama is missing Sauvingnon Blanc Sunday... just sayin'.

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