Friday, October 25, 2013

A Day In The Life Of ME

I'm sure y'all are all wondering "Just what is it like to be Dawn... I mean, really, what is it LIKE?"

Well, you're in luck, because today I am going to tell you.  I will walk you step (by painful step) through today, and all (OK, most) of it's interesting events.

We'll start here:  I woke up.  After an entire night of waking up every 1.5 hours, almost on the dot.  That was FUN!  (Have I mentioned how much I love 6am?  It's the best.  /sarcasm)  Then, I woke Little One up....  (Have I mentioned that getting her 'breakfast order' out of her is like pulling teeth?  Chickie is about to lose her choosing privileges.)

I got her fed (eventually) and ready for school, then woke Big One up.  Big One hates mornings almost as much as I do, but it was necessary today, because we were due at school for little one's Field Day in less than an hour.  Yes, you read that right:  Field Day in October.  (The school started this a few years ago, because it's generally really freaking hot at the 'traditional' time for Field Day, and they decided that our precious snowflakes were getting too overheated.  So, October it is!)

Have I mentioned yet that we are having a cold snap?  No?

Have I mentioned that we weren't expecting it so soon, and didn't have winter coats yet?  No?

Consider it mentioned.  It's mentioned - it was freaking C.O.L.D. this morning.  Two hours in sub-45 degree weather is not my idea of a good time... but I was just kind of thanking my lucky stars that Field Day these days is ONLY two hours as opposed to the all-day event it was when I was a kid.  Because?  I was freezing my patootie off.  I don't DO cold.

Did I mention that we don't have winter coats?  Yeah.
I spent the entire two hours with Little One holed up on my lap leeching my body heat.  Big One was going nuts, chasing kids around the playground because SOMEONE (who shall remain nameless) forgot to give her her meds this morning.  DOH!  Subsequently, Big One didn't even notice the cold... she was too busy being crazy.

Needless to say, the Dunkin' Donuts coffee I brought along was cold in 2.5 minutes.  Little One was so cold she was sneaking sips!!  Of coffee!!  (We are not winter-type people)

After Field Day was over, we promptly high-tailed it to the mall, and purchased winter coats.  Of course, Little One dithered and dithered... we went to every darned store in our crappy mall, before she chose a coat.  Thank GAWD.  I was about to die.  But, we are now ready for that evil joke called 'winter'.  (It's only acceptable if there is snow involved, and we get very little of that.)

We had lunch at the mall, and Little One just couldn't wait ANY LONGER, and started unwrapping her sub while I was paying... and she dumped every single topping onto the floor.  Yay.

We come home and I'm still freezing, so I take a bath.

Then we go to the grocery store.  O.M.G.  Never do this if you can help it.  Seriously.  I had two kids fighting and fussing, and complaining throughout the entire trip.  They complained, made gagging noises, and pitched a fit over every. single. dinner option I tried to put in the cart.  They pissed me off ROYALLY.  So I told them they are having oatmeal tonight, and they are not ALLOWED to eat dinner with Dad and I.

Crying and wailing ensued.  Little One said to me (between sniffles) "You're lucky I don't tell my teacher that YOU DON'T FEED ME!"  I smiled a slow, measured smile and said calmly and quietly "You go RIGHT AHEAD."

Then I get to the register, and we are halfway done checking out when I realize the awful truth - my wallet is sitting on my desk.  At home.  From when I entered a Scentsy order earlier.  I leave with Little One crying (about the oatmeal) and a cart-full of groceries at the front of the store.  When I am trying to pull out of the parking lot, I got cut off - twice.  I might have let loose with an expletive....  To that, Big One says "Maybe if you were NICER to people, you'd have better luck."  EXCUSE ME?!

Eventually though, we get it paid for and get everything home....

Then, of course, the popsicles were melted.  MELTED.  And then Little One had yet another meltdown.

But here's the good news:  I bought sparkling wine at the store, and I'm drinking it.  Also, I have hereby declared today as "Mommy Strike-Day" and I'm not doing diddly-squat for the rest of the evening.  I kind of think I've earned it.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Woolley Worm Festival Time!!

Today was awesome!  We drove out to Banner Elk (otherwise known as 'The Mountains' around these parts) to hit up the Woolley Worm Festival.

(For those of you who do not know, my eldest child LOVES bugs, insects, worms, and all manner of creepy-crawlies.  I mean L.O.V.E.S.  So, basically, we did this for her.)

We may have headed there for the kidlet, but we all ended up having a fabulous time.

Did I mention that we were in 'The Mountains'?  In fall?  Three words for that - holy beautiful, Batman.  The leaves were gorgeous.  The weather was amazing (not hot, but not cold - what I would refer to as 'mildly bracing'), and the views were unparalleled.

To add to the beauty of this awesome day, we all got to eat 'fair food' for lunch, and participate in the 'Woolly Worm Races' - and my bug-loving daughter actually WON!  Her worm 'Winner' actually took first place in race #24.  She was so. freaking. excited!  A blue ribbon and $25 later, and Anna was floating on Cloud 9.  :)

(This is us on an 'overlook' I insisted that P stop at in Blowing Rock, just before we left all the loveliness behind.)

Yes, a good day was had by all.  :)  Unfortunately, though, we planned this outing BEFORE P knew he'd have to leave on a business trip at the butt-crack of dawn the next day... so he might be marginally less thrilled.  LOL

As for me?  I'm daydreaming about a house on a cliff with spectacular views.....

Monday, October 14, 2013

Dear Nail Technician: I Don't Like You!

Over the weekend I decided that it was high time my long-neglected eyebrows got some attention.  (Seriously, it was looking like my daughter's pet caterpillars had found a new home on my face - something had to be done.)

So, I did what any lazy, tweezer-challenged woman does in this situation - I headed for the nail salon.  A little wax and I'd be ready to roll.  (Again, I am seriously tweezer-challenged... I'm sincerely afraid of what might happen should I choose to undertake this myself.)

I saunter in whistling a jaunty tune (ok, humming a Hall & Oates song, you got me) and head for the nice reclining chair in the back, completely unaware of the horrors that awaited me.

Then... then, the technician comes in.

She says "You get eyebrow wax?"
Me:  *nods*

At this point she eyes me up, from several different locations around the chair, and I'm starting to get nervous.  Then, she drops this bomb:

"You get lip wax, too?"

Wait, what?  LIP WAX?  No, no I am NOT getting a lip wax too!  But then... she looked at me from several angles, and then asked.  Plus, I have been to get my brows done quite a few times, and I have never been asked about this before, so it's probably not a usual 'upselling' technique.

Oh. My. GOD, she thinks I need a lip wax.  (At this point I start thinking about that potential patch of fuzz I saw a while back, and wasn't crazy about.)  I need a lip wax.  I am devastated.

So, I sadly agree that yes, a lip wax would be lovely, thank you.  :(  I then casually mention that I've never had one before...  At this point, the technician eyes me speculatively and moves toward the door to the waxing room and says "Maybe we shut this door."

WHY ARE YOU SHUTTING THE DOOR?  OMG, she doesn't want witnesses to my torture.  This should have been my cue to run, run like hell.  That, or politely decline the lip wax I was induced into accepting by my own paranoia.  But, I didn't.  I didn't.

Luckily, she did my eyebrows first, or I would likely have bolted with what I NEEDED done still undone.  LOL!  Because when she got to the lip part, it was unpleasant.  (BTW, in my world, 'unpleasant' means 'crazy-ass painful'.)

I think that technician is illegally harvesting human tissue.
At least I hope she's doing something with the 17 layers of my skin she pulled off during that ill-fated 'lip wax'.

Amused, I was not.  I was even less amused when I got to the car and realized she'd left some wax in the corner of my lip that was pulling part of my face into a strange-looking rictus, similar to Mary Jo Buttafuoco, post-bullet.

My upper lip is still sort of uncomfortably numb.  (I guess Pink Floyd's variety of numb had nothing to do with hot wax.)  I think I may just have to embrace the yeti look at some point, because I don't know if I have it in me to do that again!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September FLEW by!

September... it came and went in a whirlwind!

I figured that since it is now October (and what I think of as the official start of fall), I might as well come in and update a bit.

Is it just me, or is fall the craziest season for everyone else, too?
It seems as though there is always so much to do - festivals galore, fairs, pumpkin patches, fall festivals at school, parties and holidays... it's fun, but jam-packed with activities!  (And it is occurring to me as I type that I need to hit the fabric store for Halloween costume materials, stat!  I am running out of time already.  I have a peacock and a bumble-bee already chomping at the bit for the big day to get here.)

So... September.  
Is it bad that even though it was busy and flew by, I am mostly drawing a blank?

Over Labor Day we headed to Hendersonville, NC to the Apple Festival.  We had a great time, even though we got rained out.  :(  I was hoping to head to Camp Courtney (a church camp I went to a good bit as a kid/young teen) to take pictures... Labor Day was their last open weekend.  :(  They sold the property, and 'camp' is no more.  I didn't even get to visit, though, because it was pouring down rain.  So, my memories will just have to do, I suppose.

Not too long after Labor Day, I opened up Facebook to find a big surprise - a friend request from a cousin that I didn't even know existed!  Kelly has been such a blessing, and a bevy of wonderful genealogy information... I have been able to see an entirely new side of my father's family through her.  Also, because of Kelly, my 'ancestor wall' has grown quite a bit - the pictures she has shared with me are priceless!

Check this out:  it's my Grandmother Marjorie as a child,
with her parents Walter and Georgia Crews.  Thank you, so much, Kelly!

On a different note, I got a new phone a couple of weeks ago.  After about 6 years as an iPhone user, I was talked into something different - a MotoX.  I say I was talked into it, and that is true, but it didn't take much - what sealed the deal is that Motorola assembles this phone in the US, and is looking to expand to fabricating parts in the US.  This is a big deal to me, even if everything isn't currently made in the US... it's a start, and a start I want to support.

The learning curve with my new phone has been... interesting.  LOL!  I feel like a Smartphone virgin all over again, learning the nuances and features it brings to the table, like face-recognition locking  (Thanks, Jenny, for cluing me in!) and voice texting.  It's fun, for sure!

September is also the month my kids go in for a dental check-up, and I received surprising news - my oldest is ready for braces (in a two-part treatment plan) and will be getting them (if all goes well) in a month or so.  Whoa.  What in the world!  We could wait until she's older, and do it all at once, but there are some huge benefits to her in doing it this way.  Her overbite will be corrected by up to 60% by Middle School, and that's huge.  So we are going for it....

Also, this month my best friend was hospitalized for surgeries for some scary medical issues.  :(  She finally came home yesterday.  Hopefully everything is resolved, but it's a waiting game right now.

I'm bracing myself for October, always a busy month!  Holiday parties, festivals, fairs - you name it, it's going on.  Not to mention my anniversary, which always seems to catch me by surprise... how quickly the years are adding up!

Here's to October... bring it!  I've got my Pumpkin Spice coffee, my Pumpkin Spice creamer, and I'm ready to meet you head on.  :D