Thursday, March 28, 2013

So, We Don't Agree...

I will never understand the thinking of some people.
Specifically, people who become downright livid when their friends, family, or online acquaintances don't agree with them on hot-button issues.  *gasp*

I have two words for y'all:
So. What.

Unless you are planning to marry that person, there is no reason why disagreement on a hot-button issue needs to be that big a deal.  It could very well be a deal-breaker in a marriage or long-term relationship, but otherwise?  I'm not seeing it.

That amount of intolerance will give you ulcers.  Sheesh.

Is it THAT DIFFICULT to respect that people in your life won't always agree with your brilliant views and rationale?  Is it that difficult to just tune out when they rant about something you don't care about or don't agree with?  (Unless they are completely militant about it, in my experience it's not that hard at all.)  Or if you REALLY REALLY care about them, and think their viewpoint is hurting them or that they would be much happier with a different one, is it THAT HARD to discuss it with them respectfully and thoughtfully rather than going off?

It's not hard for me.  (Unless I already hate you... if I already hate you, forget about it - I'm coming in guns blazing.  LOL!)

You want to win others over to your way of thinking?

Here's a little piece of advice for you:  being an insufferable jerk isn't going to do it.  You will end up driving them even FURTHER away from your end of the spectrum.  Be a shining example of your cause - be convicted and respectful.  Oh, and for the love of all that is holy?  Be ready to back up your views with logic.

And that ends my thoughts for the moment.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Not Enough Time

Ever feel like there just isn't enough time in the day (or enough days in the year) to do everything you WANT to do (on top of everything you MUST do)?

I need the day to be about 12 hours longer, I think, in order to do all these 'extra' things that I'm dying to do. I've got quilts I want to make, I want to learn to knit better, I want to take some (more) Spanish, there are chairs I want to re-upholster, I want to do some yard work,  there's a dress I want to make, and I need (and want) to organize my genealogy info... oh, and there's a graveyard I want to photograph!  But... time - there just isn't enough of it!  I wish I didn't need to sleep, sometimes.  LOL!

See?  I NEED to make these quilts (or my version of them, anyway).

And this dress?  Divine.
A lot of work just to wear to the Renaissance Festival, it's true... but I WANT IT.

And I need/want these in my yard - I think maybe they might even survive my brown thumb:

I have so many interests, and not enough time to indulge in them all!

I need 12 hours to sleep, 12 to work, and 12 to play.  Sounds reasonable, right?  So, where can I get one of these 36 hour days?

Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy Guilt

It's been such a long time since I've been unconflicted and not struggling (with SOMETHING) that I'd forgotten how 'happy guilt' feels.  I'd forgotten that I tend to do this - instead of just being happy and savoring it, I start to worry about other people, and why THEY aren't happy.

When I'm happy, I want to 'fix' everyone else.  I want them to feel happy, too!  I agonize over their problems, and lie awake at night feeling awful for them.

Why do I do that?
Their problems were there before, and they'll be there no matter what I do, because it's not up to me to fix it - and I can't.  THEY have to fix it.

I know that empathy is a good thing, to an extent.  But it's eating me up inside right now, and stifling my happy heart.  Does that sound selfish?  It feels selfish that I'm even a little bit worried about the fact that my own happiness is suffering for worrying about others.  I think that's the very definition of selfishness, isn't it?  *sigh*

In reality, I've known for years that the answer is to learn to 'compartmentalize' better, and not let things take over my life - give them a box, and be able to put them away when I need to.  Why is that hard for me?


Happy guilt... go figure!
I suppose that, for now, I'm just going to concentrate on the first word, and celebrate that I am happy!  I will pray for those I love that aren't.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Maybe A Bone Marrow Match?!

I joined the Be The Match (bone marrow) registry in June, 2011.

Just about every day I have a newsletter, or a campaign email, or something in my inbox... and I usually don't read them.  Yesterday, I was ABOUT to click delete on an email, when I noticed the title:  "You are a possible marrow match."


I read the email, and it looked legit, so I called the number....
Sure enough, it was true.  Out of the millions of people on the registry (7 million, if I'm not mistaken) I am a high probable match for someone out there.  It's exciting to think about... what odds!

I spoke to a woman at the main office, filled out a health questionnaire, and then spoke to another woman (a donor coordinator) about my general health and the meds I'm taking.  She seemed very satisfied with my info and answers...

And now I wait.  
They will examine my HLA markers, and those of the patient in need... they will also examine those of any other matches from the registry (if any).  If our HLA markers are a close enough match, it's a go.  I'm told I should know something by May at the absolute latest, but it could be much sooner... it all depends on the patient's doctor, their health, the strength of the match, etc.

We will see.

Even if nothing comes of it, it's still cool.
If you haven't joined the registry, please think about it!  You could save a life!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Taylor Swift's "I Knew You Were Trouble"... with goats.

So, I have a problem.

Every time I hear Taylor Swift's song "I Knew You Were Trouble", it gets stuck in my head.   Horribly.  Like, to the point that I want a lobotomy just to get rid of it.  But, thanks to Facebook, it's not so bad anymore.  To you I introduce:  "I Knew You Were Trouble" featuring... goats.  Yep, goats.  And the goats rock... they cause me to laugh while suffering the indignity of having Taylor Swift stuck in my head.

You know you want to watch:

No need to watch the whole thing, it's crazy-long... two minutes will do just fine.