Monday, November 18, 2013

We Get Around

It's been a while, hasn't it?  Whew.
Fall is generally pretty busy, so I fall off the updating wagon.

Halloween went without a hitch... my awesome niece Lauren (and her pooch Sophie) took my kids Trick or Treating for me, so I got to sit by the fire with my sisters and hand out candy.  :)  We had a great night!

Last weekend was a super long (4 day) weekend for the kids, and my husband just happened to have a work event that Thursday night prior to it, in Raleigh... so the kids and I tagged along.  We swam in the hotel pool while P did his thing, and the next morning we went to Old Salem to soak up some Moravian history.  The kids were awesomely well-behaved, even during the boring parts, AND when we ended up missing lunch due to a tight schedule.  They can really be all kinds of awesome when they feel like it.  :)

This weekend we also went out and about... the Renaissance Festival is about to come to a close, so we needed to go before it's over!  So, Saturday was the big day... we ate, we drank, we were merrie.  Huzzah!  The kids rode a camel and did some serious jumping:

The only downside to the Renaissance Festival is the *ahem* privie situation.  Port-a-potties aren't really my favorite thing... but I guess it's appropriate, in a way.  It's pretty close to an authentic medieval situation - at least we aren't going in buckets and throwing our business into the creek.  So hey, good times!  LOL

As of now, we are waiting... counting down to Sunday.
Sunday we leave for our Thanksgiving cruise!  Bahamas, here we come!  I get to visit this amazing place (and do some snorkeling) again:

That, my friends, is Paradise Cove, Bahamas.  The snorkeling is awesome, and the beach is all kinds of beautiful.  I'm looking forward to having the sand in my toes again very soon!  :)

And for the BIG NEWS... something we just decided on and confirmed very recently....

We are taking my Mom along, and hitting up England, Ireland, and France (and whatever else we can squeeze in).  You have no idea how amazingly awesome it feels to know that I get to take my kids and see all these amazing things...

Of course, my big, HUGE excitement is getting to see my cousin, Betty finally.  (She is 89 years old, and lives in England)  Also, I cannot wait to visit Enmore, Somerset, where my Mom was born, and a large number of our ancestors are buried.

It seriously feels too good to be true... I want to pinch myself!

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