Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September FLEW by!

September... it came and went in a whirlwind!

I figured that since it is now October (and what I think of as the official start of fall), I might as well come in and update a bit.

Is it just me, or is fall the craziest season for everyone else, too?
It seems as though there is always so much to do - festivals galore, fairs, pumpkin patches, fall festivals at school, parties and holidays... it's fun, but jam-packed with activities!  (And it is occurring to me as I type that I need to hit the fabric store for Halloween costume materials, stat!  I am running out of time already.  I have a peacock and a bumble-bee already chomping at the bit for the big day to get here.)

So... September.  
Is it bad that even though it was busy and flew by, I am mostly drawing a blank?

Over Labor Day we headed to Hendersonville, NC to the Apple Festival.  We had a great time, even though we got rained out.  :(  I was hoping to head to Camp Courtney (a church camp I went to a good bit as a kid/young teen) to take pictures... Labor Day was their last open weekend.  :(  They sold the property, and 'camp' is no more.  I didn't even get to visit, though, because it was pouring down rain.  So, my memories will just have to do, I suppose.

Not too long after Labor Day, I opened up Facebook to find a big surprise - a friend request from a cousin that I didn't even know existed!  Kelly has been such a blessing, and a bevy of wonderful genealogy information... I have been able to see an entirely new side of my father's family through her.  Also, because of Kelly, my 'ancestor wall' has grown quite a bit - the pictures she has shared with me are priceless!

Check this out:  it's my Grandmother Marjorie as a child,
with her parents Walter and Georgia Crews.  Thank you, so much, Kelly!

On a different note, I got a new phone a couple of weeks ago.  After about 6 years as an iPhone user, I was talked into something different - a MotoX.  I say I was talked into it, and that is true, but it didn't take much - what sealed the deal is that Motorola assembles this phone in the US, and is looking to expand to fabricating parts in the US.  This is a big deal to me, even if everything isn't currently made in the US... it's a start, and a start I want to support.

The learning curve with my new phone has been... interesting.  LOL!  I feel like a Smartphone virgin all over again, learning the nuances and features it brings to the table, like face-recognition locking  (Thanks, Jenny, for cluing me in!) and voice texting.  It's fun, for sure!

September is also the month my kids go in for a dental check-up, and I received surprising news - my oldest is ready for braces (in a two-part treatment plan) and will be getting them (if all goes well) in a month or so.  Whoa.  What in the world!  We could wait until she's older, and do it all at once, but there are some huge benefits to her in doing it this way.  Her overbite will be corrected by up to 60% by Middle School, and that's huge.  So we are going for it....

Also, this month my best friend was hospitalized for surgeries for some scary medical issues.  :(  She finally came home yesterday.  Hopefully everything is resolved, but it's a waiting game right now.

I'm bracing myself for October, always a busy month!  Holiday parties, festivals, fairs - you name it, it's going on.  Not to mention my anniversary, which always seems to catch me by surprise... how quickly the years are adding up!

Here's to October... bring it!  I've got my Pumpkin Spice coffee, my Pumpkin Spice creamer, and I'm ready to meet you head on.  :D

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