Thursday, August 1, 2013

Myrtle Beach

July sure went by in a blur.  Busy, busy, busy!

My baby girl (actually my oldest, but still my baby) turned nine in July, and we got to spend the week of her birthday celebrating at Myrtle Beach.  :)

It's been 1.5 weeks since the trip, and I keep meaning to put up some photos, but I have been on a massive cleaning/organizing spree since we got back.  Our lovely little beach condo was so organized, so neat, and so easy to take care of that I have been determined to GET RID OF JUNK and emulate that in my own home.  I have been a purging/organizing machine!

But, back to the fun stuff.  :D
The girls can swim well now, and aren't nearly as in need of hand-holding as usual on the beach, and they had a blast!  They got boogie boards and had a fantastic time on them all week!


We went to Medieval Times for the first time while we were there, too... bought the souvenir picture, but I didn't take any with my own camera.  That was great fun!  The kids ate like champs, loved the show, and my oldest was so enamored with our knight - especially after he presented her with a flower.  She said he was 'so handsome' and was quite disappointed when he didn't win the joust!

For the Birthday Girl's big day we did quite a bit, too!
She is a lover of all things weird, so our first stop was Ripley's Believe it or Not!

After that, we hit Ripley's Aquarium, and oohed and ahhed over the sharks, the jellyfish, the stingrays, and ate very overpriced snacks.  LOL!  We ended the day with all-you-can-eat crab legs (her choice, DEFINITELY not mine - yuck).

The next day my girls and I went parasailing together!  Man, was THAT a blast!  I was surprised that they both did it without the slightest twinge of fear - I love having adventurous kids!  There are no pictures, unfortunately, but it was definitely not something we'll forget!  :D

Toward the end of the week, we went out at night and tried our hand at crabbing... the last night we were there, the kids and dad came back with a 5 gallon bucket FULL of the little buggers!  Whoa.

I was sad to say goodbye, as always.  I am a beach bum at heart, and on the sand in front of one of God's most magnificent creations is my favorite place to be!  (Plus, the fantastic tan I ended up with is no bad perk, either!)  I'm already looking forward to my next visit....  :)

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