Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It's Summer Break, And My Voice Is Worn Out.

Ugh, I am hoarse this morning.
And I wasn't at a concert last night, nor did I give a speech to a packed auditorium without aid of a microphone.  I haven't taken up pig calling, I didn't drink Jack Daniels and smoke all night, and I didn't embark on a new career as an opera singer.

No, I am hoarse for one simple reason:  I have kids.
I have kids, and I've already said "Leave your sister ALONE!" 74,000 times, this morning alone.

I've also said "Get OFF her!", "Stop screaming!", "Eat your food!" and "Settle down, or you're going to your room!" more times than should be humanly possible in two hours.

Dear God.
There's not enough coffee in the world today.  Is it time to go back to school, yet?  Mama needs a BREAK. You know it's bad when scrubbing the toilets seems like a break just as long as you can do it in sweet, sweet SILENCE.

I enjoy summer very much, and I love these little buggers fiercely... but holy hell, days like today, I envy working mothers an awful lot!  Coffee and a three-hour meeting?  Yes, please!  Business trip?  Hell yeah!  Tedious, mind-numbing work?  If it's quiet, sign me UP!

Summer vacation is kind of a laughable concept for mothers.  VACATION?  Ha, not for us!  The kids are home, actively destroying the house for the better part of three months... and when they aren't doing that, their tireless refrain goes something like "I'm BOOOORED.  What can we DOOOO?  Can we go somewhere?"

And then... then, there is the family vacation, which goes a little something like this:
Mom Spends Beach Vacation Assuming All Household Chores In Closer Proximity To Ocean

Now, I have to say that while the above is very true, there is the fact that while at the beach I almost never hear "I'm BOOORED!"  So, there is that - it's a nice break to not have to constantly entertain the kids - the waves, sand, shells and animals do a pretty good job of that.

But honestly?  The closest to a real vacation I'm going to get is in November - we are headed out on a cruise back to the Bahamas for Thanksgiving break.  Thanks to the child care on the ship, the restaurants, and the cleaning crew, my work is minimal and my days fairly relaxed. Ahhhh.  I cannot wait!

Until then, I'm going to need to stock up on throat lozenges and tea.  My poor throat!

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