Thursday, March 21, 2013

Not Enough Time

Ever feel like there just isn't enough time in the day (or enough days in the year) to do everything you WANT to do (on top of everything you MUST do)?

I need the day to be about 12 hours longer, I think, in order to do all these 'extra' things that I'm dying to do. I've got quilts I want to make, I want to learn to knit better, I want to take some (more) Spanish, there are chairs I want to re-upholster, I want to do some yard work,  there's a dress I want to make, and I need (and want) to organize my genealogy info... oh, and there's a graveyard I want to photograph!  But... time - there just isn't enough of it!  I wish I didn't need to sleep, sometimes.  LOL!

See?  I NEED to make these quilts (or my version of them, anyway).

And this dress?  Divine.
A lot of work just to wear to the Renaissance Festival, it's true... but I WANT IT.

And I need/want these in my yard - I think maybe they might even survive my brown thumb:

I have so many interests, and not enough time to indulge in them all!

I need 12 hours to sleep, 12 to work, and 12 to play.  Sounds reasonable, right?  So, where can I get one of these 36 hour days?

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