Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Maybe A Bone Marrow Match?!

I joined the Be The Match (bone marrow) registry in June, 2011.

Just about every day I have a newsletter, or a campaign email, or something in my inbox... and I usually don't read them.  Yesterday, I was ABOUT to click delete on an email, when I noticed the title:  "You are a possible marrow match."


I read the email, and it looked legit, so I called the number....
Sure enough, it was true.  Out of the millions of people on the registry (7 million, if I'm not mistaken) I am a high probable match for someone out there.  It's exciting to think about... what odds!

I spoke to a woman at the main office, filled out a health questionnaire, and then spoke to another woman (a donor coordinator) about my general health and the meds I'm taking.  She seemed very satisfied with my info and answers...

And now I wait.  
They will examine my HLA markers, and those of the patient in need... they will also examine those of any other matches from the registry (if any).  If our HLA markers are a close enough match, it's a go.  I'm told I should know something by May at the absolute latest, but it could be much sooner... it all depends on the patient's doctor, their health, the strength of the match, etc.

We will see.

Even if nothing comes of it, it's still cool.
If you haven't joined the registry, please think about it!  You could save a life!

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