Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Someone is J.E.A.L.O.U.S.

This morning was just... special.

Methinks that my youngest is getting a bit jealous about me homeschooling her sister.  I think this because she came right out and told me.  LOL!  Had she not, though, I probably still would have figured it out.  It's not hard when your morning goes like this:

Me:  "Time to wake up!  Good morning, sugar!"
Her:  "I didn't get ANY sleep last night.  I'm soooo tired."  (said in a major whiny tone)
Me:  "You got plenty of sleep!"
Her:  "Yeah, but, my arm hurts soooooo bad.  It hurt all night."  (she scraped her elbow yesterday)
Me:  "Ohh, I'm sorry."  :(
Her:  "It hurts so so so bad, and it'll hurt alll day at school too!"  (sniffle)
Me:  "You're OK."


Her:  "My arm hurts, my legs hurt, I have a tummy ache, AND my throat hurts.  It was hurting all night!  Can you check it?"
Me:  "Sure."  (gets flashlight)
Me:  "It's fine!  Looks normal."

Five minutes pass...

Her:  "Can you check my throat again?  I think it changed, because it hurts reallyreallyreally badly!"
Me:  "I just checked, it's fine."
Her:  "Daaaadddddddy.  Can you check my throat?"

He obliges, and agrees that it's fine.

Her:  "My arm is sore AGAIN!"
Me:  *ignore ignore ignore*
Her:  "It huurrrrrrts!  And my tummy hurts, I think I ate too much cheese!"

I decide from here on out to just ignore her myriad complaints, and go about my business.  On the way to school she says "It's not fair that Anna gets to spend the whole day with you!"

Hello, drama, anyone?
God love my little drama queen... never a dull moment!

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