Friday, January 25, 2013

Snow Day... Sort Of.

Gotta love the G-town school system.

We all knew 'bad weather' was coming, it was no surprise.  Surrounding counties had closed their schools, or issued an early closing decree (10-11 am), but our area was holding out, by God!  I think our powers-that-be are determined not to be 'Southern crazies' everyone likes to make fun of ("Two flakes?!"  Have you got the bread, Bobbie-Jean?") and wait it out until the last second.  And wait it out they did!

I got up at 6 am and readied Ella for school.
We trudged out to the car and drove up to the school... she got out and I kissed her goodbye.

Then, as I went to drive home, the ice started coming down.
I turned around, went right back to school, and took her back home with me.  By the time we went out for our groceries (hey, we're die-hard, make no mistake) and got home, the phone was ringing.  School on early dismissal... they'll be let out at 10.  It was 9 am when they made the call.

Hey, on behalf of all the parents who went into work and had to turn around and come right back home I say "Thanks a lot, assholes!"  'Cause you KNOW most of the daycares closed....

So I was kind of glad I went ahead and just took my little darling back home with me.  Though I did go out around 10:30 to pick up a hamster... (don't ask)  LOL.

So today I homeschooled both kids (at Ella's insistence - she enjoyed it quite a bit, and was mad when I stopped).  It wasn't as contentious as I thought it might be - it went better than I thought.  :)  I won't say they were angels, but they didn't kill each other.  That's a start, I suppose.

At any rate, I was reallyreallyreally hoping for our driveway to get really iced-up.  We have a nice steep one with a good hill... I wanted to break out the sleds and slide down the driveway repeatedly until our hands and toes fell off.  Alas, it was not to be.  Not today anyway.  (You bet your booty I will check again in the morning.)  But, the grass accumulated just enough ice to allow us to slide down the hill outside our house several times....  Not the same, granted, but fun anyway.  :)  Now I'm hoping our wet driveway freezes solid overnight!

Hey, if you can't have snow, you make do.  Am I right?!

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