Saturday, September 29, 2012

New Quilts!

Just dropping by to show off my newest projects, finally DONE!
I made each of my girls a personal quilt, and I'm really pleased with the end results.  :)

Anna's quilt - a bug jar design, for my little bug-lover.  :)  The middle square features her pet cockroach, Scrambles.

Ella's quilt - a sea turtle quilt, adapted from a wall-hanging pattern.  I knew Ella would love this quilt because the design called for batiks, and she is a huge fan of the bright, fun, rainbow-like patterns.  :)

Wall-hanging pattern by Connie Spurlock:

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Snarky With A Chance Of Sarcasm

Sometimes, snarky stuff just makes me smile.

Oh, don't look at me like that - you know you like it too, when you're in the right mood.  Snark and sarcasm... supposedly the lowest form of wit.  Do I care?  Hell no, I'm too busy laughing my evil butt off.

We all know THIS person:

Um, yeah.  Seriously, people?


True story.

I truly love idiots on Facebook.  Hello?  They're called Privacy Settings - it's not that hard.

I know, right?  No, wait, I'm not done yet!  Just hang on while I go get a few hundred more things - you don't mind, do you?

*snort* I love it!

See, honey?  You wouldn't want a dull wife, now would you?

Oh Pinterest, how I love you for exposing me to such lovely snark and sarcasm I would otherwise not see.  Sometimes you just need to feed your evil snarky side in the morning, so you can be a pleasant, sweet southern girl the rest of the day.  (STOP. LAUGHING.  I was serious... sort of.  How about tolerable?  Will that do?)

Now, off to peruse Pinterest some more so I can see how to make a wreath for every season, how to make everything better with cheese, and how versatile frozen wine cubes can be.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's Coffee Time!

Oh coffee, how I've missed you....

For months now I have looked at Starbucks longingly, wanting just one little coffee.  Just one... I just need one hit!  (Sorry, yeah, I'm back now).  Nothing weird or scandalous going on, I just can't drink coffee when it's hot outside, and I don't like it cold.  (That's what she said.  Heh.)

The temperature is dropping.  That means it's coffee time!  Yay!
The first day the high dropped into the low 80's I was in line, waiting for my fix.  It had been months, and my first one needed to be a good, high-quality hit.

Cinnamon Dolce Latte, you never disappoint.  You are no Gingerbread Latte, granted, but you do nicely.

It was still too hot for coffee.  :(  By the time I left the store, I was sweating... my taste buds were in heaven, but lord help me, it felt like I'd swallowed a tiny troop of Girl Scouts who were building little signal fires in my stomach.

Mornings are golden.
Right now, If I get my coffee jolt before 10am, I am good to go.  Nice 50 degree mornings... ahhh.

My one complaint:
WHY must Starbucks be so damned delicious?  $4 a cup is just wrong.  I can't wait until Christmas, when I will hopefully get some gift cards (no, no, of course that's not a hint).  But until then, I've discovered that my Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice K-Cups are a little cup of heaven when combined with Cinnabon creamer.

I may just be able to keep a roof over my head this winter after all.  :)

Monday, September 17, 2012

SO Embarrassing

I feel as though I am 'officially' a Mom today.

That's right, I'm in the club now.  As of today, I have been publicly spurned by my eldest child.
"UGH.  That is SO embarrassing."

I have kissed that child goodbye every morning of her school-going life in the drop-off line.  I have hugged her, kissed her, and said "I love you! Have a great day!"  Every. Single. Day.  And every day she's smiled and said "Love you too, Momma!"

But not today.  *sniff*
Today she hopped out, scowled, and said "UGH.  That is SO embarrassing."

I thought this wasn't supposed to happen until they were approaching middle school?

I know it's normal, I remember doing it myself, but man... I have to admit I'm kind of bummed.  :(

I thought I had a few more years before I was relegated to 'embarrassment' status.  What's worse is that I remember telling my Mom that her 'oldies' music (sixties music) was REALLY embarrassing, and could she please turn it down before dropping me off... I know it's coming for me, too.

My EIGHTIES/NINETIES music that I adore is now 'oldies'.


When did I become my Mom?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bon Jovi - Bed Of Roses

I both love and hate this song.  *sigh*

Hurt, depression, longing, self-discovery, wanting a do-over... yeah.  Good, but bad.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

It's Been A Bad Pet Week :(

It's been a bad week for pets in our family.  :(

My daughter's pet cockroaches got out of control with their breeding, so I had to 'thin the herd', and humanely put down a good number of the little guys.  I wouldn't have thought I'd have trouble doing it, but it wasn't pleasant - I felt really guilty.  :(

On the morning of September 11th, my husband woke up to an awful 'cat present'.  One of the kids must have left the hamster cage unsecured... my little buddy Hamlet got out, and one of the cats decided to actually behave like a cat for once and take him down.  :(  They left his little body right outside our bedroom door.  :(  I loved that little guy....

This morning I noticed one of the cats was acting weird, not moving, and meowing really strangely.  We took her in to the vet when my husband noticed that her feet were cold, and she was dragging herself with the upper part of her body - she'd lost the use of her back legs.  The vet said she had heart problems and that it had caused a blood clot rendering her unable to walk, and cutting off circulation to her back legs.  Her heartbeat was erratic and her breathing labored.  We chose to have her put to sleep.  :(  But it didn't end there.  The poor kitty's circulation was suffering so much that her heart couldn't pump the meds through her body - it wasn't working.  They had to give her another shot in the chest, closer to the heart.  It was traumatic for me, even though I thought I was prepared... she was 13 years old.

It's definitely been a tough week.
Man, it's gotta get better from here, right?

The guilt is killing me.
I was implicated in every one of these deaths.  I put the cockroaches down.  If I'd only checked the cage one more time before I went to bed, Hamlet wouldn't have died.  I helped make the decision to put Ariel to sleep....  I really feel sad and guilty about my role in all this.  :(

Totally bummed today.  :(

Friday, September 7, 2012

Dear Walmart Shoppers

Dear Walmart Shoppers,

I realize the intrinsic appeal of a good deal; believe me, I do.  I shop at Walmart sometimes because the selection is outstanding and the prices are competitive, if not ridiculously low.  I get this.  I understand that sometimes, in the middle of the day, you NEED to load up all six of your screaming kids (under the age of 5) to get cheese puffs and Natty Lite.  Whatever.

But there are a few things I don't understand and that leave me shaking my head, such as:

The mullet.  Is this required for the special secret Walmart Rewards Card, or something?  Because seriously?  I see an inordinate number of people walking around (both men and women) sporting the exact same Joe Dirt haircut.  It's disturbing.  Is there a little Clone Capsule at the back wherein you enter looking normal, and exit looking like a Hee Haw extra?  That's OK Walmart... this is one special club I'll opt out of, thanks.

Overalls.  Again, WTF?  Last time I checked, this was not a farming community... people don't roll up in the parking lot in their John Deere's, or their horses and buggies.  So WHAT'S with the overalls, people?  Oh, and a side note:  wife beaters are never attractive, and they are even less appealing (if that's possible) under a dirty pair of bib overalls.

Vehicles.  1992 called... they want their Geo Tracker back.  Ditto the souped-up Civic with tinted windows and pink details.  Just say no.

Tattoos.  What's the minimum these days, six?  Seven?  How long until they start performing body checks at the door and I'm not allowed entry due to my paltry little ONE?  With the amount of body art showing up, Walmart should start charging admission to that shit... just sayin'.  Move over Ripley's... there's a new freak show in town.

Tweety Bird.  Why is every third person in Walmart sporting something bearing the likeness of good old Tweety?   I don't get the appeal of wearing your Tweety Bird flannel pants to run out for Boone's Farm and Pork Rinds.

Bras.  The lack thereof - need I say more?

I don't understand, people.

I get wanting to pay as little as possible for household items and food; after all, them manicures and Fendi bags ain't gonna pay for themselves, and you got little ones to feed, hon.  I get it.  But for THE LOVE OF GOD, at the very least lay off the overalls, slap on a bra, and give Tweety a rest once in a while.  I beg you.

Blinded By The Horrors

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Long And Winding Road

I heard this song on the radio today, on the way to the store...

I'm ashamed to say that I switched the station as fast as my fingers could.  It's too painful.  When I hear the opening notes, I see my brother in his coffin.  :'(

When Tony died in 1989, just a few weeks before his death he told me he wanted the song 'Let It Be' by The Beatles played at his funeral.  I let everyone know, though I'm not sure they believed me.  :(  At any rate, they played 'Let It Be' and 'The Long And Winding Road' at the funeral home... it was on an endless loop,along with some Amy Grant songs.

I remember looking up, just as the opening strains of this song played, and seeing his face just above the lip of his coffin... I will never forget that moment.

Lisa Loeb - Stay

This song always reminds me of my niece, Lauren.

 It came out in 1994, but in 1995 it was one of her favorites.  :)  She sang it all the time, swimming in her neighbor Teresa's pool that summer (she was about Anna's age... 7.5).  :)

I had just come back from Ohio, and it was the first time I'd seen her in a while.  It has stuck with me all this time, and she's all I think about when I hear this song.  :)