Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving On The Sea

I'm BACK!!  :D

And... my liver is happy about it.
Lets just say I discovered a profound love of coconut rum and bellinis while cruisin' the lovely Atlantic.  With cocktail names like 'Goombay Smash', what could possibly go wrong?

Paradise Cove (shown below) was particularly awesome on that end.  This is where I encountered the aforementioned Goombay Smash cocktail, and a fabulous dessert called 'Congo bars' - they are like rainbow unicorn tears and a giant, super-soft chocolate chip cookie combined.  Double - no, triple - YUM.

Spending Thanksgiving at sea was interesting... by far the strangest Thanksgiving I've ever had.  Other than a vaguely pretentious (and definitely un-traditional) nod to the usual turkey dish and pumpkin dessert, you'd have never known it was Thanksgiving at all.  It was all very sterile, unoffensive, and... strange.  Plus, the meal was served in fancy 'bistro' portions, which left me feeling vaguely cheated because I could still button my pants at the end.  LOL!  Maybe should've hit the buffet... it certainly would have felt more like the Thanksgiving I'm used to!

Fun times were had by all.
I got to wear my new evening gown - navy blue, and off one shoulder.  It is SO FUN to get all dressed up once in a while!  Though I have no pictures, sadly. It didn't occur to me to ask to have any taken, and we didn't buy the ship's (outrageously priced) 'formal pictures'.  Plus, I'm always the one wielding the camera, so pictures of me are rare.  You'll just have to trust me that I do in fact exist, and that I'm a woman and not a 400 lb agoraphobic man.

Shopping.  I didn't cover that yet, did I?  SO MUCH to be had, yet I shopped so little.  My sole personal purchase (other than alcohol) was a pair of sunglasses at the RIU resort.  Wow.  That's not to say I wasn't tempted by some of the local merchants... one in particular.  As we were walking down a back street in Nassau, we passed an (undoubtedly) upstanding merchant on a dirty street corner with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth, muttering under his breath to passersby "Purrrrrrses.  Coach, Louis Vuitton.  Purrrses."

Yep.  Seems legit.
Bummer I missed out.

I got a little tiny sunburn, lost a few bucks at the casino, boosted the local Bahamian economy (or at least my kids did), ate (and drank) way more than is strictly advisable, got sand in my butt, napped often, and saw some awesome sights.  Not bad for a Thanksgiving holiday.  :)

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