Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Feet Hate Winter

Today I woke up to devastating news.

(I know what you're thinking... that's the perfect opening to rant about the election, right?  I must be a rabid Romney/Ryan supporter if I woke up to devastating news, right?  But I don't do that... much.  I don't rant about politics in public, because people piss me off so badly that my blood pressure can't take it.  I won't lie - the election news didn't exactly fill me with joy, but it's other news that was really a blow to me this morning.)

The news?  It was 30 degrees when I woke up - expecting a high of only 54 today.
That means it's upon us - the end of flip flop season.  (Pause for one dramatic tear to roll down my cheek.)

I love flip flops.  They are the world's most comfortable, perfect footwear.  If I lived in a slightly more temperate climate, I would own nothing else (except a pair of running shoes, perhaps... it's not easy to run in my beloved flip flops).  I wear them from Easter to Thanksgiving, and only begrudgingly give them up when my toes threaten to revolt and fall off in protest.

I am stubborn though, so despite the drop in temperature I will probably continue to wear them for a few more weeks.  Generally my rule of thumb is that when I need a heavy coat and/or gloves, the flip flops must go.  But with it being only 30 degrees this morning, the time is rapidly approaching.  :(

I do feel like a hypocrite, though, yelling at my oldest "Anna!  Change your shoes, you cannot go out to play in sandals - it's freezing!" as I slip on my beloved flip flops.  I'm claiming the leeway to make dumb decisions (natural consequences be damned!) as one of those mysterious 'adult perks' kids think we have so many of.  ;)

Goodbye, my flippy friends.  See you at (or near) Easter.

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