Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gone To The Dogs...

Whew.  What a long week!

Last Thursday I picked our new dog (named Molly) up from Mecklenburg County Animal Control.  She is an amazingly good dog, all things considered.  She's gentle, she's potty-trained, she is lovable.

Molly under my desk.  Yes, it's messy-ish.  

Of course, we are dealing with the fact that she's heartworm positive.  :(  But some awesome people have donated money to help us pay for this VERY unexpected expense... AND I found a vet in Clover that will treat her for $300!  Thank goodness.  :)  Friday she goes to the vet for the first steps in her treatment.

Molly isn't terribly fond of cats, but she's coming around, I think.  She and Olive are having a 'marking war' in the backyard, and Molly keeps snatching and running off with stuffed animals (much to Ella's consternation).  Me?  I find it all kind of funny (except her growling at the kitty - that's not so funny).  Also not so funny is Molly's stink.  O.M.G.  At first she was super-stinky because she was in heat when she was picked up, and still bleeding after her spay.  That's gone away now, and I've discovered that her ears smell like the dirtiest, cheesiest feet imaginable.  UGH.  I think she's got an infection... I guess we'll need to treat that, too.

It's been interesting, to say the least.

Yesterday I bit the bullet, finished my admissions process, and registered for classes.  Come January I will be a student again - this time in the hopes of getting a job at the end of it all.

Now I am busy cleaning the house, packing, and making last minute arrangements before we leave on Sunday.  We are headed to the Bahamas for Thanksgiving week!  I am SO looking forward to it... but hoping very, very much that they do a Thanksgiving dinner on the ship.  If not, I shall be forced to console myself with copious amounts of wine (and if I get really desperate for distraction - karaoke).  A vacation is definitely needed by all!

I must admit, though, I will be worried about leaving Molly in the kennel so soon after her coming to live with us...  I feel badly about that, but then, I didn't expect to randomly adopt a dog!  LOL!

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