Monday, October 8, 2012

The Fair - YAY!

So, Saturday my husband and I took the girls to the Cleveland County Fair - it was their first time going, and they had a ball!  Actually, it was the first time for ALL of us.

Yep.  I've lived in this area for most of my life, and I've NEVER been to the fair.  I remember begging to go every year when I was a kid... they'd hand out those yellow 'free tickets' at school, and I'd come home waving it around, saying 'Can we go, can we go?  It's FREE!'  I didn't get it.

We never got to go when I was a kid, because it was much too expensive - we simply didn't have the money, even with the 'free' admission ticket.  It never occurred to me as a kid that that 'free ticket' would only get me through the gates... rides cost extra.  And BOY do they ever!

I admit, I still really didn't have a clue when we went on Saturday... I was excited to finally go, and to take my kids!  Then, the sticker-shock set in.


We got tickets, and immediately I grabbed the kids and ran gleefully to the Ferris Wheel... that's when I saw the ticket cost, and calculated that it would cost around $25 for my family of four to go around in circles for a few minutes.


We gave the Ferris Wheel a miss.  But then we ended up spending $25 for the four of us to ride The Himalaya for less than 5 minutes....  I couldn't resist it.  I went to the State Fair years ago when I lived in Raleigh, and remember loving that ride, so I had to do it again.

All in all, I learned a lot at the fair.

1.  The price-gouging is so ridiculous, you need an economy-sized tube of KY.
2.  A fair is a good way to gain 10 lbs in one day, because food is the ONLY affordable thing there, and everything is deep-fried.
3.  You can deep-fry anything, and it will be good.  Stricklands of Shelby has proven that.
4.  Chicken coops smell like the bowels of hell when under a barn on a hot day.
5.  Don't go off the path.  You WILL step in something unsavory.

The best part?  My loaded ribbon fries, and chocolate-covered strawberries on a stick.  GOOD.  Really, really good.  Next time, the deep-fried Milky Way is MINE.  :D

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