Saturday, October 20, 2012


Busy makes me happy.
I like seeing the calendar filled up, and knowing that I have plans, obligations, a purpose.  When my plans get cancelled, I mope... or I feel antsy as heck.

All those years of studying Psychology makes me paranoid.
The little voice inside my head says "Really, Dawn?  Busy makes you happy?  If you're not busy; if you have to sit and be still, are you afraid of what you might find?"  Dude.  Am I?  Am I busy because it's the best way to curb reflection and over-thinking?  Heh.  Maybe.

Or maybe I'm over-thinking RIGHT NOW.
Over-thinking, or totally ass-kicking wise?  Who knows.  Probably the former, if history is any indication.  LOL!

My plans got cancelled tonight.  :(  Boo hoo.
We were supposed to go out with friends to a yummy Brazilian steakhouse called Chima.  Total deliciousness.  But, the hubs got sick... so we had to cancel.  :(

Now it's just me, the internet, my DVR, and a bottle of wine.
Not bad company, just not what I was expecting for tonight.  And now I have to make dinner, too.  Crap.

So yeah.  Tonight I'm not busy, and I'm not loving it.
Over the last few months my calendar has been filling up more than ever... putting the kids in activities, taking on more Girl Scouts, meeting friends, doing more sewing, and taking on more and more responsibility.  I like it.  It fills that random 'hole' that I can't figure out and don't know what to do with.

Maybe this is what was missing, maybe not... but it works for now.  :)

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