Thursday, September 27, 2012

Snarky With A Chance Of Sarcasm

Sometimes, snarky stuff just makes me smile.

Oh, don't look at me like that - you know you like it too, when you're in the right mood.  Snark and sarcasm... supposedly the lowest form of wit.  Do I care?  Hell no, I'm too busy laughing my evil butt off.

We all know THIS person:

Um, yeah.  Seriously, people?


True story.

I truly love idiots on Facebook.  Hello?  They're called Privacy Settings - it's not that hard.

I know, right?  No, wait, I'm not done yet!  Just hang on while I go get a few hundred more things - you don't mind, do you?

*snort* I love it!

See, honey?  You wouldn't want a dull wife, now would you?

Oh Pinterest, how I love you for exposing me to such lovely snark and sarcasm I would otherwise not see.  Sometimes you just need to feed your evil snarky side in the morning, so you can be a pleasant, sweet southern girl the rest of the day.  (STOP. LAUGHING.  I was serious... sort of.  How about tolerable?  Will that do?)

Now, off to peruse Pinterest some more so I can see how to make a wreath for every season, how to make everything better with cheese, and how versatile frozen wine cubes can be.


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