Friday, August 10, 2012

Wall Hanging (And An Accuquilt!)

I've been sewing like crazy lately!
I've got a few projects going right now, and one that I just finished.  I finally made something for myself - a wall hanging:

Next up are a bug quilt, and a sea turtle quilt for my daughters.  :)  Too bad I cut out all the squares for the bug quilt last week, because yesterday my husband surprised me with THIS!  An Accuquilt!  Woo!

If you've never heard about this amazing piece of equipment, you should!  It cuts your quilt squares with perfect precision - up to SIX layers at a time.  I can do in 20 seconds what it normally would take me 30 minutes (or more) to do.  Ah-mayzing.  This thing is super easy to use, cuts like BUTTER, and slashes your workload by an amazing amount.  (My scissor fingers are weeping tears of joy.)

I'm so stoked to make my first project using my brand-new cutter!

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