Monday, August 13, 2012

The Shot

Boy, did I give birth to a dynamite little Drama Queen.
Lest you think I'm 'mean' in that description, let me give you a few examples:

* Two nights ago she kept me up, hysterically crying (her, not me) due to an unspecified pain in one foot.

* I had to pick the kids up early from VBS one night, and DQ wailed.  And wailed, and wailed... I had to carry her out.

* The shockwave player on her computer was apparently acting up the other day.  I had no idea.  However, I did believe she was being disemboweled by a mutant wolf - her screams were that bone-chilling.  Oh, and did I mention I was in the bathroom at the time?  Yeah.

* Last week she discovered a hole in one of her beloved stuffed animals - need I say more?

This brings us nicely up to a few days ago, when DQ had a sore throat.  OMG, you would think she had smallpox, polio, and the plague all at once - clearly she was dying, and in the most painful way possible.  She had a fever, though, and her throat was red, so off to the doctor.

Strep throat.
I told her it was up to her - she could get meds, or a shot.  (I will admit to talking up the shot, however, because remembering meds twice a day for 10 days is a PAIN.)  To my surprise, she opted for the shot -until she saw it.

Cue banshee.
"I don't WANT it!"
"NO! NOOOOO!  It's big!"

So, I sweet talk her, hold her still, and bam... it's over.  SO I THINK.
Turns out, the fun's JUST beginning.

She's holding her hip, SCREAMING the walls down.  And what is she screaming?
"IT HURTS!!  I changed my mind, I CHANGED MY MIND!  TAKE IT AWAY!"

Mind you, the shot was already in her, and traveling through her little drama-rific bloodstream.  Yet more proof that my child thinks I have supernatural powers, or that I am at the very least a demigod.  She was FURIOUS with me that I wouldn't 'let' her change her mind.

I had to promise the child Chick-Fil-A AND ice cream to avoid being carted away by the cops for apparent child abuse.  Boy, oh boy.

Note to self:  Antibiotic shots = pure craziness.

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