Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Goodbye To Chester

Today is a sad day.

Today we said goodbye to Chester.

Chester was my sister's dog, and I have known him, and been either with him or close to him since he came to the family in 1997.

He was a cantankerous dog, and hated pretty much everyone, but he tolerated me.  He was crazy smart, crazy active, super intelligent, and LOVED frisbees.  When he was little, he was so obsessed, we had to spell it... F.R.I.S.B.E.E.  But that didn't last long AT ALL... he learned how to spell it!

I took him to meet Lauren's class in elementary school.  I squirted him with a water gun when he was a puppy, because he barked to get my attention the entire time I was trying to do my college homework.  I threw a million frisbees for him.  I petted him when almost nobody else would touch him (because he was mean).  I stood up for him, told everyone he was too smart for his own good, that's why he was cranky.  I think he was my doggie soul-mate.  :)

We buried him with a frisbee tonight.  A storm was rolling in, and two seconds after the last mound of dirt was put on his grave, the heavens opened up.  When I was little I heard that rain during a funeral was a good omen... I looked it up after it happened tonight.  Apparently folklore says that rain during a funeral means that the deceased was accepted into heaven.

Welcome to heaven, Chester, you cranky boy.
I'm glad I got to know you.  :)

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