Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey (Spoiler)

So, I finished reading Fifty Shades of Grey this morning.

The first thing I thought was "Holy crap, it's a good thing I'm not known for my delicate sensibilities."   This thing should be behind the counter, wrapped in plastic... it's pretty high on the smut/shock end of the curve, that's for sure.  Whew.  Is it hot in here?

So yeah... smutty, but captivating.  Completely and utterly captivating - I couldn't put it down.

I do have to say, though, that I was unnerved by it, even with my 'non-delicate' tendencies.  Very intense book, and surprisingly disarming.  I'm not sure how it feel about it, still.  Honestly, I'm not used to erotica (and frankly, that's what this book is) with such meaningful and heart-wrenching undertones.  I guess there's a reason that porn generally doesn't have a real 'storyline', huh?

Wow.  Just, wow.

It really affected me, especially the end.  She tears herself away from the only man she's ever loved (and the man who was her 'first') because he can't (or won't) give her what she needs.  Haunting, I guess, is a good word... not something you forget easily.

So, I guess I'd describe it as 'smut with a heart'.  I didn't think there was any such thing!  LOL!

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