Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Back Away Slowly

Oh boy, am I in a M.O.O.D today.

Good news is that I ditched the diet after a week, so I can have a glass of wine to drown my moodiness.  (Is that a polite enough way of saying that I'm essentially a raging bitch today, and everyone better step off before they incur my wrath?)

OK, maybe it's not that bad, but I'm not feeling particularly sunshiney, lets just put it that way.

It's kind of been brewing in a small way over the last couple of weeks with this Amendment One brou-ha-ha (North Carolina - Marriage Amendment) and everyone getting on their soap-boxes.  And by everyone I mean, of course, the profoundly ignorant, the sheep, and the extremely annoying.

I am SO. EFFING. READY. for this to be over and behind us.  I am sick of reading 84,000 things a day about it on FB (most of which make me silently seethe), and I'm tired of people looking at me taken aback when I tell them my viewpoint (after being asked... I don't tell unless I'm asked).  WTF?  You spout your opinion willy-nilly, then look at me like you swallowed a fly when I answer your question?  I don't THINK so.

Whatever, people.

So yeah, today's election day, and the shit is really brewing up good.  Tomorrow there will be a lot of gloating, and a lot of pouting (no matter what) I'm really not in the mood.

To beat it all, I had to let a horny, disgusting jerk have it when he sent me a highly offensive message on FB.  Oh yeah, I was seething.  Let me lay it out for you if you happen to be reading - I am not interested in what you have to offer.  You are a prick of the highest order, and I have (less than) ZERO desire to mess with you, or your fun-stick. Got it?

(I'm hormonal, leave me alone if you want to back away with your jewels intact.)


Good grief.
And to top it off I turn a bad, bad number at the end of this week. Birthdays, bah humbug.

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