Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Swirl Ultramarine Depression Glass

This was supposed to be my blog entry, before my children decided to do some 'rescuing' of perfectly fine baby birds....

I was on one of my periodic jaunts to Goodwill (hey, one man's junk...) the other day, when some cute glass in my favorite color caught my eye.  I'm normally pretty practical about what I buy, and don't get things I don't see a NEED for.  I didn't need dishes, so I almost didn't get these, but I caved because I truly loved them.  They were cute, my favorite color, and the price was right.  I got two teacups (all they had) the first day.  Something was whispering 'go back' the next day... there were 4 dessert plates and another teacup out.  I bought them.  So today I went back again, and another teacup had appeared.  Obviously I snagged it.  :)  LOL!

I bought four little teacups and 4 dessert plates for $6.
See?  Aren't they cute?

I love them.

I assumed they were vintage, possibly from the sixties, so I did a little internet research.  Turns out, they are Depression Glass.  A pattern called 'Swirl Ultramarine' made by Jeannette Glass between 1937 and 1938.  Wow!  It's 75 year-old glass, and in beautiful shape.  (And it's worth a decent amount more than I paid for it.)

I just love this stuff!  I want more... only, now I'm thinking I got really lucky, and will probably have to pony up some decent dough if I want some more pieces.  LOL!

I'm just so happy with these little pieces of glass.  I've never seen anything quite like them, and the color makes me grin.  I love it!

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  1. I started out like you picking up a few cups and saucers and got hooked on Depression 'glass. I have 2 cups with 2 saucers you might like to add to your Swirl collection. I'll only ask $20.00. Not sure about the S&H. I'll find out if you are interested. email me: triciart@aol.com