Friday, April 13, 2012

More On Vacation....

So.  Vacation.  (Can you really call it that when it's less than a week long, you spend 30+ hours of it driving, and the other parts of it ferrying kids around?)

First stop, overnight in Clarksville, Tennessee.  Yawn.  Did nothing except get a break from the driving... MO is 14 hours non-stop, and with two little kids, it just wasn't sensible to do it all at once.

Second stop was Keokuk, Iowa.  P's dad's family (and his, obviously) live in Kahoka, MO... P hadn't seen any of them since he was about 15 years old, and the girls (and me) have never met them at all.  (I got his Grandmother's address from his Mom, and rekindled a relationship with her, then found his Uncle Chuck on FB (he's awesome!).  Eventually I decided it was time to visit, and for my girls to meet their Great-Grandmother.)  I had a great time! (And I'm pretty sure the others did too.)

My suspicions were confirmed... my daughter Ella looks like her Great-Aunt Linda:

The kids got to meet their Great-Grandma Pat, play on the family's (former) farm, complete with many acres of land, barn, goat, and many farm cats.  :D  They had a ball, and I didn't have to worry one bit... there were no busy roads or hazards anywhere nearby.  Ella fell in love with her Great-Uncle Stanley (who played with her non-stop), and their cousin Scotty.  :)  I got a HUGE handful of old family pictures that I'm scanning in, as well as a wealth of genealogical information.  I was so grateful and happy that Grandma Pat was so willing to share these things with me!

Stop 3:  St. Louis, MO.
In St. Louis we visited the arch (I even rode to the top with the girls) and the zoo.  We (me and the girls) also did a fair amount of swimming in the hotel's pool/hot tub.  I really enjoyed Drury's free food/cocktail hour... 3 free cocktails?  Bring it on!  LOL!

Stop 4:  Nashville, TN.  
I hoped and hoped to go to the Nashville Flea Market... and was really bummed to find out that it's only open on the weekends.  I missed it.  :(  I drowned my sorrows in cheese, chocolate, and vodka tonics (with a splash of sweet & sour) at The Melting Pot.  Mmmmm.  Now I really need to diet.

Stop 4:  Chattanooga, TN.
In Chattanooga we met up with my sister Breezy and brother Jimmy.  It was the first time P and the kids met them.  :)

We hung out for a few hours, saw Breezy's new place (I am SO jealous of the original hardwood floors and vintage glass doorknobs!), went out to lunch, and had a great time.    The girls love their Aunt Breezy (and her cats)!

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