Thursday, April 26, 2012

Here Comes The Bride....

Oh, do I love to travel.  It doesn't much matter where we go (although, I do confess to a slight preference for  places I haven't yet been).

This weekend we are off again... to Altanta.
P's best friend (and the girls' Godfather) Matt is getting married.  It's weird, because I feel like I've seen everyone I know get married over the last decade.  I was the first of my friends to get married, and I've been married so long that it feels really strange to attend weddings now and think of the early days... of them just getting started.


I always find myself, during the vows, fervently wishing many things for the happy couple.  I cry, because I know that they are the happiest RIGHT NOW that they will be for a long time... there is nothing like that rush of a new beginning.

I pray that they will look at each other with love and wonder, even after the years start to add up.
I hope that they will, even after many sleepless nights with kids, remember why they love each other.
I pray that they are marrying for the right reasons... that they are doing it because they can't imagine a lifetime without that person's smile and presence in their life, not because it's the 'next step'.
I hope that they will always find solace in each other's arms.

Marriage can be so beautiful, even though so many of us have seen it turn ugly.

Every couple I see marry, I wish the best for.  I wish them far better than my parents had, far better than all the people I've seen divorce, better than my own marriage.  I never, ever give up the hope of Happily Ever After, and I never give up the conviction that it can be had... I know it can.

To Matt and Heather:  I love you.  I wish you all the best in the world, and I hope your marriage defies all your expectations.  <3

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  1. Dawn,
    This is so special and thoughtful. Thank you for your kind and loving blessings on our marriage. It was so wonderful to have you, Paul, Anna, and Ella be a part of our wedding festivities!