Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Chirp, Chirp

What a day.

The kids both had to have dental work this morning, and were hopped up on Valium and instructed to eat only soft foods.  You know what that means... no school.  Doom.  Once the Valium wore off they were cranky and argumentative... fighting, having tantrums, the whole nine yards.

They recovered nicely.
So much so, that they are bouncing off the walls.  I decided that if I was to keep my sanity, they must be banished to the outdoors for a while.  That was going well.

WAS being the key word.

I was all set to write this blog entry (about something else entirely) when my animal-loving oldest child comes tearing through the back door, shouting.

"Momma!  MOMMMMA!  I found a BABY BIRD!"  (Inwardly I was groaning.  Most years we have a fledgling or two that get stranded in our yard, and end up needing help.  One year a fledgling was bound and determined to drown itself in the kiddie pool and a bucket, and needed saving repeatedly.  Another year we had to save a fledgling from the dog... you get the picture.)

Anyway, I steel myself for whatever mischief the latest fledgling had gotten itself into, only to find my daughter grinning from ear to ear holding a freaking bird's nest, with four tiny baby birds in it.  OY!  She 'rescued' them from the tree.

*head slap*

Of course we had to relocate the birds back to the tree, but nobody could remember where they came from, nor could they manage to get them back up there as high as they were.  I hope the babies don't meet an untimely end via snake due to my child's 'rescuing'.  *sigh*

*** This just in... Child #2 rushes in to tell me that Child #1 has liberated a baby bird from its nest, and will be taking care of it on her own.  She has dubbed it 'stretchy' due to its neck, ever craning in search of food.

UM... NO.

Bird is now safely ensconced back in the nest.  I have delivered death threats, to be carried out upon the next child to touch a baby bird.

Now, where was I?

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