Monday, April 30, 2012

Atkins - Confession Of A Sugarholic

My weight is out of control.
I need to drop a few (OK, WAY more than a few) lbs, and I want it gone yesterday.

Enter Atkins.

I have never even attempted this diet before, because I love bread so much... it is definitely my favorite food group.  Going without bread has always seemed like a fate worse than death.  But I've heard that this diet can really help you drop weight quickly, so I'm finally giving it a try.

I'm less than 24 hours in, and I've already learned something about myself:  It's not so much the bread, as the sugar.

Apparently I'm addicted to sugar, because I'm already craving it in a major way, and thinking that I'm going to end up rocking in the corner gnawing on my hair before the first three days are out.

What was I thinking?!

Not even 24 hours in and the temptation for just a few gummy bears or a glass of wine is strong.  HOW do people do this?

I keep telling myself that I'm stubborn enough not to give in... we'll see.

** Edited to add:  I am down three pounds in the first day!  Definitely motivation to keep going.  :)

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