Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Things We Do For Peanut Butter Patties....

Someone upstairs has it in for me... weather-wise, anyway.

The weather has been SO nice lately that it makes me smile from ear to ear.  It's been just beautiful!  Having said that, you're probably wondering what in the world that first line was all about, huh?

Yeah.  I should clarify.

I am a Girl Scout leader of a lovely troop of Daisies/Brownies: 8 girls, between the ages of 5 and 8.  We are at the tail end of Girl Scout Cookie season, and have been up to our eyeballs in cookies... and cookie booths.  You know cookie booths... you've run into them.  You decide to go grocery shopping, and before you can step foot over the threshold, you're accosted by a bunch of tiny hyperactive, high-pressure salesgirls all pushing their sugary wares.  Yeah.  That's a cookie booth.

We've had three cookie booths this season (three hours long each) and every. single. time. we have gotten the shaft from Mother Nature.  The week will start out beautiful... sunshine, blue skies, the whole nine yards... until the fateful day of our cookie booth.  On the day we are due to sit outside and peddle Type II diabetes to the masses, the temperature drops, the sky turns grey, and the wind starts to blow.  One time, it even rained.

In short, I've been freezing my tush off every single weekend for the last three weeks.  In the company of anywhere from 3-6 small girls at a time.

Did I mention that 5-8 year-old girls are champion complainers?  No?

Well, they are.  Champions.  They complain about the cold, they complain that they are hungry, they complain that they didn't get a turn, they complain that they have to pee, they complain about the other girls, then they complain about the cold some more.

It's been bloody cold.

Today was my last cookie booth, and holy hell am I happy about it!  I just sat with 3 girls for 3 hours in the freezing cold wind outside Harbor Freight Tools.  It's not even 4pm, and I need a glass of wine.  (Helloooo, Chardonnay, my friend.)

On the plus side, we were outside a hardware store... main customers, MEN.  Men who cannot say no to little girls.  Men who almost always have cash.  Men who are a sucker for peanut butter.  We sold quite a lot of cookies, and got rid of every single box of peanut butter patties, peanut butter sandwiches, caramel de lites, lemonades, and thin mints.  SCORE!  Hooray for men!  Lord help them, they are suckers for teeny-tiny little females batting their eyes.

It was almost worth it this week.  But darn it, am I glad to be done.  DONE.

I don't even want to see another box of Girl Scout Cookies.

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