Monday, March 12, 2012

The Sewing And Quilting Expo

So.  The Sewing/Quilting Expo.

The classes were out of this world... I loved them, and I wish I'd taken more.  I now have about 84,000 half-finished projects lying around, and I can't wait to jump on them and finish.

My favorite class was Crazy Quilting.  Here is my quilt square I finished in that class:

I didn't get to choose the fabrics, and I wasn't terribly keen on the ones I was given, but all in all I think it looks good, and I can't wait to dig into my scrap pile and start my own!

Another one I took was Batik Braids... awesome class!  I discovered that I absolutely LOVE batik fabrics, and I even got a pattern for another quilt/wall-hanging using batiks at the show after this.  :)   Here is my effort from that class... I got most of a *topper done (I still need to put the sashing in between, and put on the border):

I must admit that until this weekend, I thought that free-motion quilting was easy.  I. Was. Wrong.  SO not easy.  Hard.  The feed dogs are down, so the machine does none of the work feeding the fabric... your hands stay close together, move constantly, and develop cramps from this 'whimsical, care-free' style of quilting.  Plus, it's really easy to mess up your design... especially when your fingers/hands are cramping up.  Anyway, some of my efforts from my Free-Motion Quilting class (on the left a leaf motif, on the right swirls, loops, flowers, and whatever the heck I could get my tired, cramped-up hands to cooperate for):

That weekend was worth EVERY penny!  I can't wait to do it again!  Now I know why people come back year after year after year to these things... if you love to sew and love to learn, it's heaven.  :)

* BTW, the colors are MUCH brighter in person, and in the pictures.  For some reason, they appear washed out when I post them here.  :(

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