Thursday, March 1, 2012

Get Lost, Winter!

It's warm!  The sun is out, and the trees are blooming... it's a beautiful day!

It's March!!  With the exception of March 5th, I generally love this month.  :)  March, for me, signals the end of winter.  Winter is by far my least favorite season of the year, so I'm always happy to see it go!  Everything starts to come alive again in March... flowers start blooming, the grass starts to become green again and leaf buds start to appear on the trees.  If you walk outside in the morning, you can literally smell the earth starting to warm up again... the musty, earthy smell of soil, trees, flowers and rain breaking out of the barren prison of winter.

It's just gorgeous.  Spring is on its way, and I'm a happy, happy girl.  :)

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