Monday, February 27, 2012

Michael Jackson Is NOT A Mummy

I have been wanting to see the Mummies Of The World exhibit at Discovery Place for a while now, and keep saying "We need to go!"  Unfortunately there's a babysitter shortage in my world, which means that little things like that are firmly on the back burner.

Yesterday we were taking the kids there for an outing when I said it again "Man, I'd like to see that... but it ends in April."  Hub says "Well, lets go!  The kids will be OK."  (They are 5 and 7).

I had my doubts.  I worried that E (who is 5) would be scared, have nightmares, all that jazz.  She surprised me by saying "I know they're not REAL monster mummies.  I want to see!"  So, I agreed (somewhat warily, it must be said).

I shouldn't have worried about E.

No, I should have worried about my 7 year-old, A.
A really got into the exhibit, learning about putrefaction, body preservation, bones, etc.  I thought she was really getting it.

Then we came upon a mummy, blackened with age and dressed in clothes... his name was Michael.  A asked (quite loudly, in a very quiet exhibit) "Momma, is that Michael Jackson?"

*cue titters from fellow exhibit-goers nearby

Me:  "No, baby, that's NOT Michael Jackson.  Michael Jackson is dead, but he's not a mummy."
A:  "But yeah, that one time."
Me:  (blank stare)
A:  "You know, dancing and singing... he was a mummy!"

*head slap*
I knew I shouldn't have shown her the "Thriller" video.

I never thought I'd be explaining the difference between zombies and mummies to a 7 year-old in the middle of a very somber mummy exhibit.

Shouldn't Scooby Doo have already covered this?

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