Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dream A Little Dream (aka: My Subconscious Is An Asshole)

I love how everything can be going along beautifully and then suddenly your subconscious rouses, yawns, and says to itself "I'm bored.  What can I stir up?"

Dreams... and not of the MLK variety, either.  No, when it's bored, these dreams that the subconscious so thoughtfully gifts you aren't dreams of a better tomorrow, dreams of peace and harmony, or dreams of equality... these dreams are evil, soul-destroying dreams, usually featuring someone you've loved and lost.

Never again.

Only, your subconscious makes you forget that, and replays lovely scenarios from the past, or creates new, wonderful ones based on your most heartfelt desires.  Desires, in fact, that you sometimes didn't even know you had, because you've spent so long bandaging the wounds that you don't even admit to yourself that they are there.

These are the ones that make tears spring to your eyes when you wake up and find yourself in your bed, and current reality comes crashing in.

Yep, thanks for that, subconscious.  This morning sucks, because last night was great.  It's like drinking your weight in tequila... SO not worth it.

Now, to get back to patching up this mess.

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