Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Why Didn't I Think Of That?

Hi, my name is Dawn, and I'm a sing-aholic.
(And before you ask, no.  I cannot sing worth a damn, but that doesn't stop me, much to my kids' dismay.)

I'm always singing or humming, because there is ALWAYS a song stuck in my head.  The other day it was Bon Jovi (specifically, Never Say Goodbye).

My kid didn't like it, apparently.
(I prefer to think that it's because she has questionable taste in music, rather than that I sound like a cat being tortured....)

Me:  "Never say goodbye.  Never say goodbye-ee-eyeeeeee...."
Ella:  " I can't take it anymore.  Sing Lady Gaga songs... that will get it out of your head and you can stop."

Um... thanks for the advice?
(She clearly had no idea what she was getting herself into with that one.  If Lady Gaga gets stuck in my head, it doesn't go away easily.  By the time I get rid of it, I've found myself considering at-home brain surgery to destroy that particular sector of my brain; THAT'S how desperate I eventually become to be rid of it.)

Yep, seems my kids are FULL of great advice.  Like, about how to avoid getting peeved off about a messy office, for instance.

Me:  "You girls need to clean this mess up right now.  It's a DISASTER in here, and I'm tired of it."
Me:  "Did you two hear me?  I want this cleaned, now.  I am SICK of looking at your mess all over my floor!"
Ella:   [sighing patiently]  "OK Momma.  Just lay down right here.  Right here on the floor... relax, and look up.  Now all you see is the ceiling, and you won't have to look at the mess on the floor anymore."

Right, chickadee... nice try.
I have to hand it to her for creativity and thinking on her feet, though.

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