Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Who Took My Babies?

Who did it? Who came along and replaced my babies with little people?
I'm not sure when it happened, but I've been noticing more and more lately that these little people have lives, ideas, and knowledge that I know nothing (or very little) about. They have their own 'circles' and day to day lives that are coinciding with mine less and less (their circles on the good old Venn Diagram are really starting to stretch out).

The other day my youngest and I had this conversation:
E: "Mom, I'm going to get you a butterfly for your birthday!"
Me (horrified): "WHY would you do that?!"
E: "Because you love them!"
Me: "Actually, I hate butterflies."
E (thoughtfully): "Oh. Well, then, OxiClean. It gets red mud out of clothes. How 'bout that?"

She's 4. I didn't teach her about OxiClean... so where did she learn about this magical substance and become convinced that it's a fabulous birthday gift (right behind butterflies, of course)? It must have been TV. When she was watching alone, without me, and absorbing whatever crap they deem suitable. (SCARY!)

To further prove my point, last night at Target (shopping with just Anna), I was spotted by a classmate of Ella's. I hear him before I even see him... he's half-shouting "Hey, Dad! DAD! ELLA! THERE'S ELLA!" He comes tearing around the corner to where we stood at the register and a look of profound disappointment registers on his face when he sees only me and A. He looks at me and demands "Where's ELLA!?"

See? There we go again... her own little life, her own friends, her own circle in which I (and her sister) am largely irrelevant.

Several times now, while out and about, my oldest has accosted random strangers with huge bear hugs. I, of course, am frozen with a look of abject horror on my face before being assured that said random person is her school librarian/cafeteria worker/janitor/bus driver. Whew. I mean, I know my kid is friendly, but random strangers is taking it a bit too far.

Thank God that strange looking lady with the hairy mole is the school janitor.

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