Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Kid That's Crazy (And Isn't Mine)

Sometimes other people's kids crack me up, too. Yeah, I know... I've said it before; I'm mostly annoyed by any kid that didn't emerge from my own hoo-ha. But, there are exceptions. :)

One of those exceptions is my great-nephew Bryson. He's generally a really laid-back kid, and mostly rolls with the punches... I like that in a kid. AND he cracks me up, to boot.

Today the kids were all playing together when I hear Bryson talking to nobody at all... at least, that's what I thought. Turns out, he was talking to his scooter. A scooter that happens to be named (according to him) 'Uncle Chris'. This is what I hear:

Bryson (looking tenderly at said scooter): "Uncle Chris, are you OK? Are you OK, Uncle Chris? Did you poopy on yourself, Uncle Chris?"

Of course I have to find out just what this is all about, which is when I'm informed that his scooter has been branded with that particular name (I can only guess, in honor of my brother Chris). And Chris The Scooter seems to have an unfortunate tendency to 'poopy' on himself. Who knew?

Oh, but that's not all.

My sister has a perpetually grumpy Jack Russell Terrier named Chester... Chester is not only completely grumpy, but also suffers from Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (Doggie Alzheimer's) and hates pretty much everyone. Well, Chester begins barking, and acting nuts in Bryson's general direction, and this is what he had to say to Chester:

Bryson: "Chester, what's wrong? You mad?" (in a sing-song voice) "You mad? You want to eat my eyeballs out? You want to get me and eat my eyeballs out?"

Then, he starts cracking up and barking right back at the dog.

I swear, sometimes kids are crazy little buggers. I just like it when they direct their crazy at someone (or something) else and I get to laugh at it!

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