Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rawr. I'm A Dinosaur.

Do you know how old I was when I got my first computer?
I was sixteen years old... AND there were exactly two things my computer could do (or rather, only two things I could feasibly make it do) - write stuff, and play 'Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?'

My first experience with internet access was when I was 20, living with my sister, back in the AOL 'You've got mail!' days. My first computer with real programs and *gasp* internet access came when I was 22... and even then it was only the pop-up happy, connection-challenged freebie access from Net Zero.

So, with all that being what it is, my daughter's proficiency with the computer is a little unnerving to me. I'm minding my own business today when I hear an unfamiliar song coming from the office... so I go to investigate. Turns out my daughter (yes, my SIX YEAR-OLD) was on Google watching a video about how to make a Leprechaun trap.


Seriously, I'm kind of a dinosaur. I love my iPhone, but if it weren't for my husband I would probably still be happily chatting on my 7lb flip phone (circa 1996)and using dial-up. And really?? HD, Blu-Ray, plasma screen, 4G... what?

Apparently my daughter got her Dad's genes because she's already mastered the search engine and randomly asks when she can 'get her own Facebook'. Yeah. That's gonna happen.

Time to implement some parental controls, methinks, before she figures out the whole 'hacking' thing. This could get ugly.

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  1. Just think, it will give Paul a challenge he'll enjoy, locking his kids computer down and keeping it that way!