Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Kissing Tree

What is it with kids and one-word answers?

Me: "How was school today, Anna?"
A: "Good!"


Me: "What did you do?"
A: "I played."

Uh oh... two words! Now we're getting somewhere!
Usually I would just let it go, but for some reason that day I kept asking questions.

Me: "Who did you play with?"
A: "Waylan. He's my boyfriend!"
Me: "Waylan is your boyfriend?"
A: "Yep! And every day when we go outside me and Waylan wait until nobody is looking and go behind 'the kissing tree'. He kisses me, and then we go play!"

Uh, WHAT?! *cue Mama Bear* At this point I'm freaking out a little, wondering what in the world is going on in FIRST GRADE these days, and why this little punk is kissing my daughter! *growl*

Me (in a dangerously calm and level voice): "Waylan kisses you? WHERE does he kiss you?"
A (smiling): "Every day we go to the kissing tree and he kisses me right here (holding up her hand and pointing to the back of it) and then we go play together!"

On the back of her hand, like a little gentleman. Every day, Waylan kisses my little girl on the back of her hand, and treats her like a princess. Some day, when she's old enough for a real boyfriend, I hope she finds a nice guy who will treat her exactly the way Waylan treated her in first grade. :)

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  1. Cause if he didn't Uncle Matt would have to come for a visit that young man won't care for ... just sayin :-)