Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Things They Say

Oh, the things they say.
Just when you are starting to feel bogged down, you can always count on a pint-sized person to say something that will either shock you out of your drudgery, or make you laugh until you cry.


Monday - Outside
Anna is playing outside and hurts her knee somehow. Of course, it is a Very Dramatic Event that necessitates her being carried from the yard, onto the deck, and into the house. She can no longer walk... it hurrrrrts. After a few minutes of questions, assessment and rest, my daughter drops this bomb on me: "My knee hurts so bad. I'm pretty sure it's broken... I think I'm going to have to cancel going to first grade." *dramatic sigh*

Think someone is secretly nervous about first grade?

Tuesday - Supermarket parking lot
Ella points to an older lady (probably in her fifties) and says "Mom, I can't WAIT to be big just like her!" Now, bear in mind that the lady is all of two feet away, can hear every word, and is smiling at Ella's cuteness...
I say "Oh, no. I don't want you to get big.">
E: "Why not?"
Me: "I like you small."
E: "Oh. You don't want me to get old like her and go up to heaven?"

Ouch. Needless to say, said woman was no longer smiling.

Tuesday - The Kitchen
Anna is looking at my Nook, and notices the picture on the front. When it is in sleep mode, the Nook has a picture of a famous author displayed. At that particular time, it was a picture of Kurt Vonnegut.

Now, I like Kurt Vonnegut... he was a great writer (if rather liberal). In fact, he's a favorite of mine. That being said, he was not a very handsome man... so imagine my surprise when Anna proclaims "This picture looks just like Daddy!" When pressed to explain, though, she clarified that it was only because he had curly hair and glasses like Daddy.... Whew. Good to know. LOL!

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