Sunday, July 18, 2010

Never Ever

Yesterday was Anna's birthday party.

The kids bowled, ate their weight in sugar, and we toted home an impressive haul of tiny pieces of plastic. GREAT day for a six year-old.

Then, of course, the bickering begins. Anna has loads of new toys and Ella simply. cannot. take. it. She must get her hands on those oh-so-tempting pieces of plastic or she will just die. Die, I tell you. Lucky for Ella, she has a pretty decent big sister who relegates the 'old' toys to her as the newer, more exciting ones are opened.

Nice, right?
Yeah, but not quite good enough, you see. She waits like a puppy waits for a scratch, a walk, a scrap... giddy, but trying to sit still and be good until she just can't take it anymore.

The last new toy was opened this morning, and E is chomping at the bit.

E: "Anna, can I play with it now?"
A: "Ella, I said LATER!"
E: "Pweeeeeassse?"
A: "Ella. I said later. And when a woman says 'LATER' she means NEVER EVER!"

I had to leave the room to hide my guffaws.

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