Monday, July 12, 2010


Meet Bolt.

OK, so her name is actually Olive, but had she not come to me already named, I think I would have had to consider the name after getting to know her personality! This little lady came to me last week from the Animal Adoption League, and is a little angel who has already stolen my heart, despite her tendency to scent and attempt escape!

Olive bolts... and she enjoys it tremendously. Hence, the title, and why I would have seriously considered it for her name. To my knowledge she doesn't have any superpowers or a desire to save the world, but I could be wrong - perhaps that's why she's so eager to travel! She's a rascal. A sweet, well-mannered, adventurous little rascal!

She's going to keep my on my toes. The kids tell strangers about her and say "Olive bolts." People look at them like they are crazy... if only they knew! LOL! She is worth it, though, and she more than makes up for her mischief with fun, companionship, and her awesome personality!

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