Monday, November 9, 2009

Dog Days

Yesterday I returned from spending the weekend in Atlanta with one of my best friends (ME), her Dad, and her two lovely (furry) companions. It was a great trip - I had a chance to catch up with ME, get some rest, and find out firsthand just how engaging and intelligent dogs can be.

I am a skeptic when people talk about just how smart their animals are - I have met very few that live up to their hype, and fewer still have managed to impress me.

Enter Jade.

Somewhere during the weekend, ME mentions to me that Jade (furry friend #1) really is very smart, and that she has a 'system' for reclaiming her favorite chair when Lucy (furry friend #2) takes over her spot. Apparently (according to ME), when Jade wants her chair back, she will run to the door and start barking like crazy. This, of course, makes Lucy curious and she comes to the door barking as well... Jade then takes the opportunity to high-tail it back to 'her' chair, thereby tricking Lucy into vacating the prime napping spot.

Sounds very cute, but I was a bit skeptical.
Maybe it was a one-time deal. Did the dog *really* know what she was doing, or did she get lucky once?

She knew what she was doing. Oh yes....

The last morning I was there ME's Dad, Jade, and myself were sitting in the living room when Jade starts to give D a pleading look. The 'conversation' went a little something like this:

J: [pleading look]
D: "You know I'm not going to take you out until you're both down here - go get Lucy."
J: [exasperated look]
Me: "Go get Lucy, Jade, and you can go out. She's upstairs!"
J: [goes to window and begins to bark]
Me: "No, Jade, Lucy's upstairs!"
J: [looks at me pityingly, and stares out the window barking]
L: [trots downstairs to the window and begins barking]
D: "OK, Lucy's here - we can go out now!"
J: [looks at me as if to say "See? I know what I'm doing."]

I swear I saw that dog smirk at me.