Thursday, July 30, 2009

You said WHAT?!

There are certain conversations that everyone dreads having with their kids.
You know the ones I am referring to, don't make me list them.

I assumed I had a few years yet, but every now and then I am hit with a doozy out of left-field. Like earlier this week....

"Mommy, what's THAT?"

The 'that' in question? A tampon.
Greaaaat. Try explaining tampons to a three year-old!
I was caught like a deer in the headlights, with absolutely no idea what to tell her, frankly. And apparently, that shows.

THIS was the conversation I heard later in the day:

E: "I got some [pretend] food for you, sissy!"
A: "I don't want it!"
E: "C'mon sissy, it's good!"
A: "NO."
E: "Sisssssyyy... I got some yummy tampon food for you!"

There goes my Mother of the Year trophy. Oy.

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