Monday, June 29, 2009

It's All Relative

I've never been big on history.
It's just the way it is - I was never able to relate to history, it always seemed like something so far removed from me that I just couldn't muster up much interest.

That has changed since I've been researching my family history.
I never knew before that I was a 'part' of some of the great moments of American and English history until fairly recently....

Through my ancestors I have been a part of The Revolutionary War, The War of 1812, The Civil War, and World War II. Not to mention running a grist mill, farming cotton, riding west in a covered wagon, founding a church, practicing the great art of undertaking, being a postmaster, and serving as a Yeoman guard for Queen Charlotte.


It is truly mind-boggling and impressive to think of the lives my ancestors lived - to begin to put their stories together, and see the puzzle pieces of their lives form a snapshot in time.

It's all relative - my ancestors have made history real to me. And I hope that by knowing the tidbits and stories that I've put together, history will always be 'real' to my children.

Thank you, my trailblazing ancestors. You are (even hundreds of years after your time) an inspiration.

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