Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Who Needs Sleep?!

My kid is sick.
Yes, again.

I swear, it seems as though she's been sick non-stop for weeks - I'm (literally) cleaning up puke in my sleep. I have to, otherwise I get no sleep. Talk about multi-tasking!

At any rate, I feel like a bug trapped under a jar.
She can't go to school, I can't take her anywhere... I have a serious case of cabin fever that is being made progressively worse by the fact that the weather has decided to get beautiful again just in time for The Sickies, round 2.


And for two days now I've thought she was getting better... at least feeling good enough to go outside and play! And for two days in a row, a half hour before E woke up from her nap - puke city. No going outside, because she's shaking, hacking, and generally being miserable. It's a huge bummer, because I love outside time - especially in this weather. It's my favorite part of the day!

I'm sitting here feeling trapped in the house and wondering if I'll ever sleep again... did I have a baby and someone forgot to clue me in?! Because, seriously... I was told that this would be over and done by now.

I was grievously misled, and demand a retraction!

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