Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Blame Facebook

That's right - you heard me.
Blame it on Facebook.

I haven't been here in ages because I find myself thinking 'Eh. If it can't fit in a Facebook status update, who needs it?!'

Methinks I have a little problem.

Staying up all hours of the night, checking in for my fix every 20-30 minutes.... I've even found myself thinking that surely I no longer need my phone. I mean really - isn't that what wall posts are for?

Even my iPod is in cahoots with The Facebook to bring me down. Damned iPod touch... the WiFi connections are everywhere to feed my addiction.

But hey, I'm doing good deeds, being a supportive friend, being exposed to new music, new ideas and a crapload of funny stuff, so it can't be all bad. I've already saved a bajillion feet of rainforest, signed numerous official-looking petitions, and had a part in effectively bullying (or bugging the shit out of) Stephenie Meyer already this year - and it's only February!

Not to mention that I greedily lap up the random details of my friends' lives via posted notes. 25 things, 44 things, music, books, etc... I know it all! I could claim information gathering as my motivation, but lets face it - I cannot resist boring all my friends, acquaintances, and fellow Jr. High survivors with the inane details of my life in return. And I LIKE IT.

So, please - If I stop bathing or refuse to acknowledge you unless you first send me a Facebook IM or write on my wall, promise me you'll do me a favor....

Turn me once in a while so I don't get bedsores, mmmkay?

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