Thursday, February 19, 2009

Even When You're Old, You'll Still Be Little

You blink and suddenly your 'little' brother is turning 30.

How did this happen?
I swear to God, just yesterday we were swatting at each other in the backseat of Mom's car. And now? In just two short days we will both be in our 30's....

Frankly I think him turning 30 is hitting me harder than my own 'big' birthday did! Because this is it - he's the 'last man standing', and very shortly we'll all be over that hump and speeding downhill into middle-age and beyond.

If you are reading this Chris, sorry if I bring you down, man.

It's hard to believe we spent all those years fighting and taking our youth for granted... it went by in an instant.

And now we are grown-ups.
Everyone raise your glasses of prune juice and Geritol to my brother Chris. Happy Birthday, baby of the family. Welcome to the dark side.

1 comment:

  1. Now I'm feeling really old! How do you think it feels to be the oldest?