Thursday, January 15, 2009

Say Cheese!

Cheese must be a miracle food.

I mean, OK... obviously I already know that it is manna from heaven in the sense that it is absolutely divinely delicious, but I think it must have some seriously miraculous qualities.

How else would you explain how a four year-old and two year-old manage to grow and thrive while eating only a few handfuls of this substance each week?

My kids love cheese.

Sometimes, it is quite literally all they will eat. They won't even accept clever attempts to hide or 'dress up' the cheese. Quesadillas? Yeah, right, buddy. The cheese gets peeled off and the tortilla hits the floor.

But you know, I'm a grown-up. And grown-ups just never learn. We always seem to think we can sneak something past the little demons. Does it work? Well... you be the judge.

Me: "E, look, quesadilla! Yum! Eat it."
E: (insert skeptical look) "OK."

*E peels the tortilla off her beloved cheese, takes a bite, then spits it out on the table*
Me: "E, what's wrong?"
*E dissects the cheese, and pulls out a lump. It's chicken. I've tried to put one over on her again.*
E: "What is VIS in my CHEESIE?"
Me: "Chicken."
E: "I don't WIKE it! No chicken in my CHEESIE!"

Alrighty then.
Don't mess with the two year-old's cheesie, or somebody gets hurt.

All hail cheese.
Thank God for this miraculous, wonderful food... without it my children would starve and I would be another CPS casualty.

(Of course, I would also be far skinnier and have lower cholesterol. But whatever. I pretty much sacrificed my figure the moment the stick turned pink anyway. So oh well... Viva queso!)

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